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winter 2012

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Help Teens Become Healthy Adults

Most of the 42 million teens in the United States are healthy. Many of them may believe they’ll stay that way forever.

“Yet most behaviors that determine our risk for heart disease, cancer and stroke begin in the teen years,” says Jeffrey Ghioto, D.O., a family medicine physician at Botsford Hospital. “Building healthy habits at this time can pay off years down the line.

”While experts recommend an annual checkup for adolescents, more than half haven’t had one. Even those who do see a doctor might not receive guidance on issues vital to teen health, such as eating right and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Ghioto says, “That’s where you, as a parent, come in. Your teen may act embarrassed to be anywhere near you. But adolescents say they want their parents involved in their health and well-being.”

Your words and actions can lay the foundation for a healthy future. Dr. Ghioto recommends parents use these tips:


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