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Summer 2012

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Botsford Gives Man Hope After Traumatic Injuries

"If It wasn't
for Botsford, I wouldn't have made it."

�They made me feel like I was more than a patient ... My extended family and I have been involved with many of the hospitals in Southeast Michigan. None of them even came close to the kind of care I received at Botsford. Their performances were amazing."

Steve Taulbee sustained several critical injuries after falling 24 feet.

Gina Taulbee received the call no family member wants to receive—one telling her that her husband, Steve, had an accident and was on his way to Botsford Hospital. Steve had fallen 25 feet, and he had broken all of his ribs, collapsed both of his lungs, separated his shoulder and fractured the upper portion of his  spine.  Steve also sustained additional internal injuries.

With injuries this severe, the Botsford trauma team sprung into action to save Steve’s life. Two lifesaving surgeries repaired his ribs and lungs. Steve stabilized and was on a ventilator for more than two weeks. Botsford’s expert trauma care was just beginning.

Trauma care extends beyond treatment of the immediate medical crisis. Steve was in the intensive care unit (ICU) for five weeks. The nurses and doctors in the ICU not only cared for Steve’s injuries and helped him recover, but they also put both Steve and Gina at ease. “Everyone there… made my wife and I feel like family,” Steve says.

After a brief stay in a medical-surgical unit, Steve was moved to the rehabilitation unit, where he received both physical and occupational therapy.

Rehabilitation, both in and out of the hospital, is an important part of the trauma recovery process at Botsford. After his experience, Steve knows the value of his therapy team. “One thing I’m sure of, without their care, I would not have recovered as well or quickly as I did,” he says.

With the help of the Botsford staff—from the trauma team and surgeons to the ICU nurses and doctors, to multiple therapists—many weeks later, Steve was able to walk out of the hospital. He feels fortunate to have been treated at Botsford.


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