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Summer 2012

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Andrea House, R.D., C.D.D., is a nutrition expert at Botsford. Rebecca Wauldron is a chef at Busch's Fresh Food Market.

Let Botsford Hospital and Busch's
Fresh Food Market be your Guides

Choose Good Foods

Every time you grocery shop, you make decisions that affect your family’s health. Botsford Hospital and Busch’s Fresh Food Market want to help you make the best decisions. That’s why Botsford  and Busch’s are teaming up to offer nutrition education—right in your neighborhood grocery store. “We want to help families make healthy food choices.  We decided that the grocery store is the best place to do  that because so many decisions about a family’s health are  made in those aisles,” says Andrea House, Botsford Hospital registered dietitian.

Putting Nutrition into Practice
Swapping out butter for applesauce can cut calories and fat from baked goods. And adding flavor with herbs, spices and lemon instead of salt can reduce your sodium intake and help control blood pressure. These are the types of practical healthy eating tips that will be provided at Busch’s Livonia and Farmington Hills stores.

“Each month, we’ll offer educational activities in the store, from cooking demonstrations with Busch’s chefs, to nutrition workshops for specific health conditions with Botsford dietitians,” says Marla Booth, Busch’s marketing vice president. “The goal is to make it easier to choose healthier foods.”

Healthy Choices now, Lower health Risks Later
“We’d like people to seek nutrition advice and improve eating habits before a doctor tells them they need to eat differently because of a health condition,” House says. Healthy eating can help prevent chronic diseases, like stroke and diabetes; keep weight in check; and boost heart health.

For upcoming nutrition education events at Busch’s locations go to and search “busch’s.”