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Summer 2012

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


DEET Outlasts Other Mosquito Repellents

Understandably, many parents are wary of spraying a chemical like N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide—better known as DEET—on themselves and their children. But after decades of scrutiny, experts are declaring that DEET is safe—and the best at keeping away mosquitoes.

DEET Places First, Eucalyptus Takes Second
One study compared widely available chemical and natural insect repellents containing one of the following ingredients:

Of all the products, the DEET-based ones guarded adults from mosquito bites the longest. Protection time increased with DEET concentrations. For example, DEET 4.75 percent lasted about 1.5 hours. DEET 23.8 percent gave around five hours of protection.

Two natural repellents provided the best mosquito defense after DEET. The eucalyptus oil product kept adults bite-free for about two hours. The soy-based repellent guarded them for 1.5 hours. The remaining repellents offered protection for only about 22 minutes or less.

Deal with DEET Correctly  
Many experts say DEET is safe when used properly. Here are some general points to remember: