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Spring 2012

Botsford HealthSource Magazine

Annette C. LaCasse, D.O.

Get Set for Summer with the New Sunscreen Rules

Sweat-proof. Broad-spectrum. Sport formula.

As summer looms, you may become confused with the claims about sun protection while perusing the drugstore aisles.

A new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology confirms again what doctors already knew: Applying  sunscreen regularly helps prevent the deadly skin cancer, melanoma.

“Some sunscreen products are better than others,” warns Annette C. LaCasse, D.O., a dermatologist at Botsford and director of Botsford’s Dermatology Residency Program. “Knowing how to select the right sunscreen is key to protecting your skin.”

Now, Clearer Labeling

New this year, sunscreen labels have undergone an upgrade to help decode their declarations. Some clearly state that they protect against skin cancer. Dr. LaCasse recommends only using products that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows to make these claims:

Physician Referral

What’s more, you’ll no longer see the word “waterproof.” No sunscreen can truly last through swimming or sweating. Instead, they’ll be labeled water-resistant. Each one will list the length of time it can protect you: either 40 or 80 minutes.

How to Shop

Follow Dr. LaCasse’s guide to make sure you’re choosing and using sunscreen wisely: