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Fall 2012

Botsford Helps You Heal

Exercise Your Options with Rehab

When you’re recovering from an injury, surgery or a major health event, such as a stroke, you want to get back to your old self as quickly as possible. Trouble is, you may not feel like doing much. That’s where rehabilitation comes in. It combines exercise, pain control and lifestyle advice. A team of experts, such as your doctor, nurses and physical and occupational therapists, will help you push yourself to become more active and independent.

“Rehab can help you get back to your regular routine,” says Stephen Hyman, M.D., director of the inpatient rehab unit at Botsford Hospital. It can also help prevent complications. After a stroke, for example, working with a physical therapist can help keep your joints limber, so that when strength returns to your arms and legs, you’re good to go. Here are more ways rehab can help you recoup your quality of life:

Helping You Heal

A mom with multiple sclerosis is too weak to dance with her daughters. A writer with carpal tunnel has a tough time using a keyboard. A jazz singer loses her voice to chronic laryngitis. Each person has a different condition. Botsford Hospital can help them all. Botsford can boost your strength, balance, mobility, speech--and ultimately, your independence.

Do you have an injury, disability or pain? From breathing problems to stroke, Botsford has a rehabilitation program for you, with both inpatient and outpatient rehab. Botsford can also help with balance issues, heart problems, work- and sports-related injuries and arthritis. Licensed and certified staff works one-on-one to assist patients in meeting their personal goals.

Pain and disability don’t have to be permanent. If you are hurting or unable to do the things you love, let Botsford lend a hand.




Botsford Hospital - Outpatient Rehabilitation Main Campus
28050 Grand River, Farmington Hills
(248) 471-8648

Botsford Hospital - Cardiac Rehabilitation North Professional Center
28050 Grand River, Farmington Hills
(248) 471-8342

Botsford Center for Rehabilitation and Health Improvement
15540 Beech Daly Road
28050 Grand River, Redford
(313) 537-1110

Botsford Pulmonary Rehabilitation
26905 Grand River, Redford
(313) 387-3800

Botsford Center for Rehabilitation- Infinity
28455 Haggerty, Novi
(248) 553-9550

Total Rehabilitation and Athletic Conditioning Center (TRACC)
39830 Grand River, Novi
(248) 473-5600



Botsford Hospital - Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
28050 Grand River, Farmington Hills
(248) 471-8753

Botsford Commons - Sub-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Center
214050 Archwood Circle, Farmington Hills
(248) 426-6958


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