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Fall 2012

Customized Therapy Gets Farmington Hills Woman Back to Work

Roz Cooperman participated in
personalized rehab at Botsford.
It helped Roz get back to traveling.
She's shown here in Barcelona.

When world traveler and business owner Rosalind (Roz) Lullove
learned she needed a hip replacement, she turned to Botsford Hospital. She felt confident with her orthopedic surgeon, Botsford Hospital’s Joint Replacement Program and, most importantly, the personalized options for rehabilitation.

“Before surgery, I could barely take a step; I was in so much pain,” Roz explains. A multimedia communications and international business development consultant, her life had become limited. But as a single professional person, she had a busy work schedule and needed to remain independent. She knew rehabilitation would be key to getting on with her life and work after surgery.

Roz’s personal path to recovery began immediately after surgery when a physical therapist came to her hospital room to help her begin walking. Roz also chose to participate in Botsford’s Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Program. She knew she’d need to be strong to manage daily tasks at home by herself and begin preparation to return to work.

An outpatient physical therapist was also there during Roz’s first day home from the hospital to help her feel safe and confident about her abilities to get around the house. She learned specific exercises designed to regain lower-body strength. Simple things, such as going up and down the stairs of Roz’s two-story house, were especially challenging, so she and her therapist made mastering that task a priority.

After six weeks, Roz returned to work and began exercising in the pool and with weights at the Total Rehabilitation and Athletic Conditioning Center (TRACC), an outpatient rehabilitation facility in Novi.

“Rehab is a major part of recover, Roz says. “My therapists were motivators and coaches. They encouraged me when I was struggling and celebrated my achievements. Every day, I’m still shocked by how wonderful it is not to be in pain.”


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