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Spring 2011

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Patient Care: Nurses at Botsford are Helping to Keep You at the Center of High-Tech Care

Botsford Nurses in League of Their Own
Botsford nurses help heal the body—they also touch our hearts.

Whether they’re soothing wounds, comforting the sick, ensuring a safe environment or teaching people healthy lifestyle habits, our nurses are patient advocates. They’re a big reason why Botsford Hospital consistently delivers top-level care.

Nursing at Botsford is more than a job. Our nurses explain how it’s a labor of love often passed through the generations.

Passing Down Family Lessons

When oncology nurse Patty Barman talks about family at Botsford, she’s not just referring to her daughter and fellow nurse, Melissa Royston. Thirteen years ago, when she began working with cancer patients at Botsford, Barman felt like she was home.

“I became so attached to the patients,” she says. “You go through so much with them, you become like family.”

Barman can always call on her fellow nurses, the other members of her Botsford family, when she needs additional assistance or information to give her patients the best care. On the PCU, Royston says she, too, works with a “great team” who help each other—and who share a passion for teaching patients how to take better care of themselves.

“I love teaching patients about how they can improve their health through things like changing their diet and getting more exercise,” Royston says.

Lending a Human Touch

Monique Walton cares for heart patients who leave Critical Care but still need continuous monitoring. In the 64-bed PCU, patients wear special devices that record their heart rhythms. Technicians and nurses must be ready to respond quickly if an alarm sounds, signaling a problem.

Botsford nurses like Walton use technology to protect patients’ health and save lives. But, Walton recognizes that even the most sophisticated equipment is no substitute for the personal care Botsford is known for.

“No matter what your job, you can greet patients with a smile,” she says.

Walton’s daughter, PCU technician Arielle McLaughlin, shares her mother’s work ethic and attitude. McLaughlin attends nursing school and staffs the PCU midnight shift, monitoring patients’ heart rhythms and providing bedside care.

“When my mom goes into her rooms, patients light up,” McLaughlin says, “and I want to make patients feel as good as possible. Making them smile and being kind to them enhances their experience at Botsford.”

Patient Advocates

As manager of Botsford’s unit that focuses on patients with respiratory problems, Patricia Quinn-Buchta oversees a staff of 72 employees caring for patients with conditions that include asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, diabetes and heart failure. She’s one of the key managers implementing and overseeing Botsford’s many safety initiatives in such areas as medication safety, infection prevention and control, and continuity of care. Initiatives ensure patients receive consistently good care as they move through the hospital system.

“There are so many behind-the-scenes things that nurses do to ensure patient safety and improve care,” says Quinn-Buchta, who has been a Botsford nurse for 39 years. “We’re advocates for our patients because we’re with them 24/7.

“For example, if we see a patient who really needs rehabilitation for a debilitating respiratory condition, we’ll talk with the patient’s doctors about that. If a patient can’t sleep but hasn’t told her physician, we’ll leave a note for the doctor. A concerned daughter may be thinking it’s time to arrange hospice care for her mother but has been reluctant to raise the issue. We’ll help her initiate that conversation with the right people.”

Quinn-Buchta has been a role model for her stepson, Brandon. On the PCU, Brandon enjoys all his patient-care duties, which include monitoring patient lab reports and interacting with families. He says Pat’s satisfaction with her work influenced his decision to become a nurse.

“I like helping people and watching them get stronger and healthier," Buchta says.

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