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Spring 2011

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Managing Medications After a Hospital Visit

After being discharged from the hospital, people are vulnerable to complications, especially those involving medications. Research indicates that almost two-thirds of post discharge complications involve medicines.

The good news:
Taking some smart steps before and after leaving the hospital can help you protect yourself—and avoid becoming a statistic.

Ask the Right Questions
Find out as much as possible about each medication before taking it. Here are some questions you may want to ask the doctors and nurses at the hospital, your primary care doctor and/or your pharmacist:

Make sure you understand the answers and write them down, if necessary.

Make a List—and Check It Twice
It may help to make a list or chart of all your medications. Share it with family members or others who will be caring for you. Bring the document with you when you visit your doctor, the pharmacy and the hospital. You might include these items:

Taking an active role in managing your medications and partnering with your loved ones and health care providers can help you reap the most benefits from your medicines and protect you from harm.

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