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Fall 2011

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Fed Up With Foot Pain? Skip the Stilettos

Balance Disorders: What to Watch for and How to Find Help

Question: What are common causes of foot pain?
While getting older and weighing too much can increase your chances for foot problems, poorly fitting shoes are often the culprit. In fact, nine out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small. The result? Foot deformities that can be disabling, like:

Question: What should I look for in a shoe?
To avoid foot pain, when picking a shoe, aim low. Heels higher than two inches overload the ball of your foot, causing pain and numbness. They can also contribute to ankle injuries, instability and falls. Also choose deep, roomy toe boxes over pointy shoes that pinch your toes—they aggravate hammertoe.

Choosing shoes made of leather instead of synthetic materials allows air to flow in and keep feet dry, which helps prevent corns and calluses. For sandals and flip-flops, leather prevents blisters.

Question: What can I do at home to help relieve foot pain?
Try these practical remedies to help ease your pain:

Question: I've been trying to get my foot pain under control, but nothing is working. When is it time to see a podiatrist?
If you do not experience relief from pain after one to two weeks of self-care, see a doctor. You should also seek medical help if you have:


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