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Fall 2011

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Bid Bye-Bye to Bladder Blues

Bid Bye-Bye to Bladder Blues

Women used to discuss bladder problems in hushed tones—if at all. Today, we talk about them, and their treatment, more openly.

"There are a variety of reasons why a woman would have a bladder problem. Treatment depends on the underlying cause," says Amy Brode, D.O.

She notes that four specific bladder problems are common among women. They include:

"If you have symptoms, I urge you to tell your doctor about the impact this has on your life," Dr. Brode says. "Effective treatments are available for all of these conditions."



Self-Care Tips

Experiencing symptoms like loss of control over urination, the need to urinate frequently at night, not urinating often enough or repeated bladder infections? Talk with your doctor, who can help ease your symptoms. Strokes, diabetes, injuries and even childbirth can be the culprits behind damaged bladder nerves.

In addition to medications and other treatments, your doctor might recommend self-care strategies:

The Pelvic Floor Restoration Program at Botsford can help you minimize bladder problems without medication or surgery. Call (248) 442-2565 for a FREE brochure.

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