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Winter 2010

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Advanced ImagIng Technology Gets to the Heart of the Problem

Patients at Botsford Hospital will soon benefit from advanced imaging technology that will add an important new tool for cardiologists to use in diagnosing heart disease. A 128-slice computed tomography, or CT, scan will allow cardiologists to see how the heart functions and to identify damage or blockage in arteries.

The multi-slice CT scanner will provide more anatomical information in greater detail. Doctors will use the CT scanner to examine many organs, but it will be especially advantageous for cardiologists. It will allow them to obtain a clear, highly detailed view of the heart and coronary arteries in a noninvasive way and at low risk to patients. The multi-slice CT scanner also will produce images faster than traditional X-rays. The speed at which doctors will obtain scans coupled with improved image quality will translate into a more accurate diagnosis for patients.

Not all patients are candidates for CT scans. Scans typically are used for people with suspected heart disease and risk factors for other diseases, such as cancer. Patients who have heart attack symptoms will continue to receive cardiac catheterization. This procedure allows doctors to find artery blockages and eliminate them as quickly as possible.See page 3 for more details on how CT scans work.

Multidisciplinary teams spearheaded Botsford’s improvement measures using proven, evidence-based practices.

“Together, our staff is demonstrating that we are providing the very best in medical treatment and care—the right care, each and every time,” says Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH, Botsford Hospital’s president and CEO. “Our collaboration with MPRO, Michigan’s Medicare quality improvement
organization, helped enhance our efforts. We look at the Governor’s Award as vital third-party validation of our efforts in delivering high-quality, safe and effective care.”

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