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Summer 2010

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Trauma Care Versus ER

What’s the Difference?
Botsford Hospital has almost 60,000 emergency room visits a year. At least twice a day, our trauma team springs into action to treat the most severely injured patients. The lifesaving care they can provide is recognized by the American College of Surgeons and exclusive to western Oakland and Wayne Counties.

Most people know that when they need medical care quickly, they can visit the nearest hospital emergency room (ER). Critically injured patients with life-threatening conditions are in a class all their own. They require much more specialized care than is available in a standard ER.

"There are situations that are outside the scope of a traditional emergency room," says Michael Rebock, D.O., Botsford Hospital’s trauma director. "Trauma centers have an established hospital wide team, including emergency medicine doctors and surgeons and specialists from different fields who can come together at a moment’s notice to assist patients."

Botsford’s trauma program combines a multidisciplinary approach with state-of-the-art facilities and services to provide lifesaving care. This includes 10 operating rooms, round-the-clock radiology services, a full-service lab with blood bank and a 30-bed Critical Care Unit.

"Fast response and centralized services mean we can treat patients quickly to lower their risk for complications and give them the best chance for survival," says Dr. Rebock.

Most traumatic injuries treated by Botsford’s Trauma Center are blunt trauma. Blunt trauma is an injury caused by impact—such as a chest slamming against a steering wheel—that may not pierce the skin but can cause internal damage. Traumatic injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents, fires and falls. They can also happen while playing sports or at work.

When accidents occur, paramedics who arrive at the scene evaluate the seriousness of injuries on the spot. They transport patients in critical condition to the nearest hospital with dedicated trauma services. No matter the type of injury, Botsford can provide specialized trauma care 24/7 to patients who work, live or visit the western portions of Wayne and Oakland Counties.

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