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Summer 2010

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Your Car: A Surprising Fall Hazard

A recent study found that an estimated 37,000 people ages 65 and older are treated in emergency departments every year for injuries that occurred while getting in or out of a vehicle. And, more than 40 percent of these injuries are due to falls. Exiting the car, results showed, is more hazardous than entering it.

Mature adults more prone to falls
More than one-third of older U.S. adults fall every year. Why? Muscle weakness, vision changes, slower reflexes and balance problems are more common as we age. Some chronic diseases, as well as some medications, can also worsen these problems.

How to reduce your risk
Thankfully, falling is not an inevitable part of aging. To reduce your risk of falling, including when getting in or out of a vehicle:

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