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Fall 2010

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Build a Better School Lunch

Pizza, cookies, soda and chips may be on your child’s lunchtime list. But, they’re also culprits in the childhood obesity epidemic. Schools are working hard to provide healthier lunchtime options. But, by packing a lunch for your child, you can make a difference in his or her health now and into adulthood.

Benefits of Bagging It
Packing a lunch for your child gives you more control over what your child eats and helps you reinforce healthy eating habits. A recent study in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease found that adolescents who brought a lunch to school tended to make better food choices than those who never had a packed lunch. The lunch-toters ate more fruits and vegetables and fewer servings of soda, french fries and high-sugar foods.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas
Keep these tips in mind to plan healthy lunches that your kids will eat:

Need help planning nutritious meals? Take advantage of our registered dietitian consultations. Call 248-477-6100 to learn more.




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