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Fall 2010

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Dementia Diminishes Driving Dexterity

People with dementia who drive are dangerous to themselves and others. As the illness advances, driving risks increase dramatically. Driving behavior relies on complex physical and mental abilities vulnerable to the effects of diseases associated with aging. A study has shown an eightfold increase in the crash rate for a group of Alzheimer’s patients over an average of 5.5 years as their dementia advanced from mild to moderate. For help knowing when it’s time to hand over the car keys, the Senior Assessment Center at the Botsford Commons Senior Community in Farmington Hills offers driving skill assessments. A caring psychologist performs the driving skill assessment. Taking two to four hours, the process sometimes requires two visits and includes:

Follow up with the patient and interested family members to schedule a driving assessment or for more about the program, call 248-426-6930.

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