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Summer 2009

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


There’s Help for Wounds that Won’t Heal

Everyone has suffered a cut or scrape. Most of these heal quickly. In some cases, wounds can turn into a nightmare. The pain caused by an ulcer on Sharon Gotell’s ankle was bad enough to wake her from a sound sleep.

For months, Gotell, a 48-year-old Detroit resident, had worked with her doctor to address the wound, which was caused by poor circulation. “I tried dressings, ointments and a soft cast to reduce swelling, but the ulcer never completely healed,” Gotell says.

Gotell’s doctor referred her to the Botsford Wound Care Center for evaluation. Its doctors and nurses have expertise in treating chronic wounds. Three podiatrists developed a care plan to address the swelling complicating Gotell’s healing process.

“I never missed an appointment,” Gotell says, “because every time I went, there was improvement.”

The center’s team includes physicians; general, vascular, and plastic surgeons; podiatrists; and certified wound care nurses. Their techniques effectively treat chronic wounds.

“We have tremendous resources to evaluate and treat patients, so they see results,” says podiatrist Marshall Solomon, D.P.M.

The Botsford Wound Care Center treats ulcers caused by poor circulation. But, it also helps patients with:

The center offers sophisticated treatments, such as negative pressure wound therapy, which removes fluids and eases pressure so that a wound can close. Also available are advanced wound care products like skin substitutes. These are placed directly on wounds to stimulate the skin to repair itself. In addition, patients learn self-care techniques and wound prevention.

Gotell now wears compression stockings to help improve her circulation and prevent future problems. She also has regular checkups at the center every three months.The Botsford team “started from scratch and looked at all possible factors,” Gotell says. “They were truly a blessing to me.”

Visit for details about the Botsford Wound Care Center’s healing approach. Or call (248) 615-7232.


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