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Spring 2009

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Victims of Life-Threatening Injuries Can Count on the Trauma Team

Life-threatening trauma from accident, injury or impact demands complex treatment. So, in 2008, Botsford Hospital set up a trauma team that’s leading us to Level-II trauma center certification.

Botsford’s trauma team consists of surgeons and other specialized physicians available 24/7 because there’s no way to schedule the need for this service. Emergency physicians can likely treat a simple broken bone. But, a person who falls from a roof may have multiple broken bones and internal injuries. When such severe cases arrive at the Emergency Center, our trauma team leader assembles the right doctors, so treatment can start right away. Prompt and appropriate care leads to better outcomes for patients.

Botsford will have the only certified trauma center in southwestern Oakland and western Wayne Counties. Level-II status means Botsford is capable of handling nearly any trauma case. When a community member is severely hurt, Botsford’s trauma team will be ready to provide the rapid care befitting the case’s seriousness.

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