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Fall 2009

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


Blog Connects Patients, Families and Friends

Botsford patients are turning to the Internet to set up individual Web sites, or blogs, to give progress reports on their conditions. In return, hospital patients receive posted notes of encouragement and support without having to give emotional and exhausting details repeatedly to the many people in their social circle.

Patients simply click on the CarePages icon from Botsford’s Web site, This free service has a user-friendly format that allows people to set up blogs to share their news. Patients write personal profiles, share summaries of their stories and write about treatment and recovery from illnesses, accidents or other medical crises. CarePages also allows patients to connect to others with similar health concerns.

Moms-to-Be Post Pregnancy Progress

A mother-to-be may use the blog service to let family members and friends know how her pregnancy is progressing, from the initial doctor visit to her new baby’s arrival. She may create a CarePages blog to send messages on her health, ultrasounds and delivery. CarePages allows posting of up to 100 photos with captions.

How the Patient Blog Works

All patients need is Internet access and an e-mail address to set up a blog. Patients are the managers of their blog sites. They can use the CarePages invitation tool to invite their friends and family to participate. When a patient posts updates to his or her blog, an e-mail is sent to the people on the invitation list and visitors, letting them know new information has been posted.