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ReNew Weight Management Program (part of Beaumont Health)

Non-Surgical Approach

Weight loss can be a challenging endeavor for anyone, especially those with a great deal of weight to lose. There are many options to consider that will help you meet your goals.  Regardless of the option you select, a change in lifestyle is required in order to maintain a reasonable weight after weight loss. This usually includes choosing healthier foods, increasing fruits and vegetables, balancing calories, portion control, learning strategies for our toxic, food-abundant world, increasing physical activity and being in engaged in a supportive program.

The ReNew Weight Management program is a non-invasive solution with a strategy-based curriculum. It can result in significant weight loss without the risks, discomfort and disruption of surgery. ReNew focuses on long-term weight management in a supportive environment.  Engaging in the ReNew program change your life so you can live the life you want!