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ReNew Weight Management Program (part of Beaumont Health)

Health One Meal Replacements

Health One is a low-calorie complete meal replacement. It was originally developed in 1994 to provide safe and effective weight loss to the rapidly growing population of Type II diabetics. Since then, it has been used across the United States in medical settings to help the general population of overweight and obese patients lose weight and maintain weight loss.

The product was designed and tested by Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT) and with the advice and review of a number of endocrinologists and nutritional scientists. It has undergone extensive clinical evaluation at the following independent medical centers:

In addition, HNT has a long history of involvement with clinical programs such as the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the Weight Management Program of Salem. These programs have excellent long-term clinical data that support the use of Health One in a medically-supervised weight management program.