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Here is a list of commonly asked questions about our tobacco-free initiative.

Why did Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills implement a tobacco-free policy?

Smoking and second-hand smoke are the country's most preventable causes of death today, contributing to about 440,000 deaths in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our mission is to advance health in the communities we serve, and we believe taking this step is imperative to furthering our mission. In addition, we our one of the many Michigan hospitals and health system leaders demonstrating their commitment to a healthier Michigan by implementing smoke and tobacco-free campuses for employees, patients and visitors. In a demonstration of leading through example, the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) and its members have chosen to become smoke-free in 2007.

When did the tobacco-free campus policy take effect?
The tobacco-free policy was effective on November 16, 2007.

What does tobacco-free mean?
The tobacco-free policy bans smoking and tobacco products on the entire campus, inclusive of the hospital, the entire grounds, the Outpatient Pharmacy, the Administration Building, the Child Care Center, all the parking lots, the Botsford Inn, the Professional Center North, the Professional Center South, our off site locations, in hospital vehicles, and in personal vehicles on hospital properties.

Who is covered by the tobacco-free initiative?
Anybody on the hospital's campus, including employees, physicians, volunteers, contracted workers, EMS personnel, vendors, visitors and patients. Employees at off-site locations are also covered by the tobacco-free policy at their locations.

Can I smoke in my car?
No. Smoking is not permitted on the premises of the hospital campus, which includes parking lots. If your automobile is on the hospital property, you are not permitted to smoke in your car.

How do I know if I am located on the property?
Maps are available clearly indicating the buildings and properties. Individuals, who wish to smoke, must leave the hospital campus. Those who choose to smoke outside of campus boundaries are asked to be considerate of other businesses and homes by properly disposing of smoking materials and limiting other's exposure to second-hand smoke. Please refrain from smoking on private property, and dispose of any waste in a proper designated receptacle.

Do I have to quit smoking?
No, you do not have to quit smoking. You are, however, required to abide by the tobacco-free policy and refrain from smoking on our campus. We encourage everyone to quit smoking or at least reduce their smoking habits.

Our goal is to make our campus healthier for patients, visitors and employees. Smoking is the most preventable premature death in the world. Our efforts to be tobacco-free present an opportunity to help many individuals achieve healthier lifestyles. We welcome your questions and concerns. Please email us.

What action will be taken if I continue to smoke on the premises?
It is our hope that people will follow our Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy voluntarily. Should a person choose to ignore the policy, he or she will be approached by Security and asked to refrain from smoking on campus. A packet including a map of our campus and information about our policy and smoking cessation programs will be provided. Employees who ignore the policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. The corrective action level will be determined by the employee's current place in the corrective action process for violation of the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy.