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Botsford's Free Physician Referral Service
TOLL FREE (877) 442-7900 or (877) 477-DOC1 (3621)

When you call Botsford's physician referral service, HealthMatch, you'll be greeted by a pleasant, warm voice. Talk with us about the type of doctor you are looking for, what type of insurance you have and where you live.

Our referral team then accesses a sophisticated computer program to match you with an appropriate doctor, based on your location and medical needs. They can even check office hours for you.

Botsford physicians accept most major insurance plans. And usually an appointment is available soon after your call.

Experience the personal, compassionate care that Botsford doctors' provide and which meets your medical needs.

TOLL FREE (877) 442-7900 or (877) 477-DOC1 (3621)
Monday through Friday
Regular business hours

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