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Volunteer Benefits

Botsford Volunteers

Scholarship Program
Scholarships may be available for volunteers who are in good standing, successfully completed mandatory training, currently attending a college with a focus in the health care industry, and who have completed one hundred hours. We have several adult volunteers who coordinate annual fund raisers that help raise money that enable us to offer scholarships. If funds are available, a letter will be sent out indicating the procedure to apply and the amount available.

Total Rehabilitation & Athletic Conditioning Center (TRACC)
Your discount is on Yoga, Tai Chi and Kinetic classes only. Please see Community Calendar for details located in Volunteer Office or call 248-473-5600.


National Volunteer Week
This is a week in April that Volunteer Services takes to celebrate our Volunteers for being an integral part of the organization.

Annual Mystery Trip
This celebratory day occurs once a year. On this celebratory day we provide transportation to a secret location and have a very nice luncheon with many more surprises.

Cafeteria privileges
You may use your hospital I.D. badge to spend up to $4.50 in the cafeteria each and every time you come into volunteer.

Out-patient Pharmacy
The Pharmacy has very special preferred pricing for volunteers; including Prevacid and Zocor at $2.00 a pill.

In-patient amenities and discounts
For services of TV, phone and any amount billed to you, we will gladly pay half of your responsibility on an in-patient admit only.

Library privileges
Feel free to sit and relax in the Medical LIbrary during office hours to utilize the internet to research health information. Many resources are available to help you and your family find quality health information online.

Flu Shots
These are given free of charge to active volunteers only.

Cardiac Rehab
Active volunteers may receive fifty percent off of the total cost to you.

Discounts on Hospital Services:
Volunteers (includes spouse only)

  • Inpatient Services:
    • 100% on patient pay balances up to $100
    • 50% on patient pay balances over $100
    • 100% on private room differential
  • Outpatient Services & Observation Stays:
    • 50% on all hospital services not covered by insurance (excluding pharmacy)

Discounts in the Community Pharmacy:

Discounts on Physician Services by Hospital-Owned Practices:
Volunteers (includes spouse only)

To receive your discount, you must check off the "Updated Information" box located on the front of patient's statement. On the reverse side of the statement, you must fill out the section labeled "Beaumont - Farmington Hills Use Only". Information collected on the backside of the statement is crucial to receiving a discount. This must be done for every patient statement received. Retroactive discounts on previously paid balances do not apply. Please feel free to contact Wayne Keeley at 248-427-5021 with questions.

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