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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a volunteer?

We ask all potential volunteers to complete an application.  Our review process takes about two weeks once the application has been received. We carefully review each individuals’ skills, availability and personality traits with the available service positions to ensure satisfactory placement beneficial for each volunteer and Botsford.

When will I get a response regarding my application?

Once we’ve determined a placement, we’ll call you.  During that call, you’ll be scheduled by the manager to attend a required volunteer orientation.

How old must you be to volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer is 15 years old.

What is the volunteer commitment?

We ask for a commitment of one four-hour shift, once a week, totaling 100 hours.  This commitment can flex for students.

Where can I find information about the different volunteer opportunities?

Please view the Opportunities link from the Volunteering main page.  We list current available service areas.  All positions are of a customer service and or clerical nature.

Can you switch to another service area?

Yes, after you have about 20 hours in your assigned service area, you may speak with the manager of Volunteer Services to discuss other opportunities that you feel you’d enjoy or may be a better fit.

How do I get a volunteer application?

Do you take volunteers who were court ordered to perform community service?

Unfortunately, we do not accept volunteers who are court ordered to perform community service.

Do you have opportunities to job shadow?

No, at this time we do not have a program set up to allow job shadowing.

Are there any health requirements?

Yes, all volunteers born after 1956 must present a copy of their immunization record showing two vaccinations of the MMR.  A tuberculosis test is also required twice before the first scheduled day to volunteer.  We perform this free of charge once placement is set by our Volunteer Services manager.

I volunteered a couple of years ago and would like to return.  What do I need to do?

Please complete a volunteer application and follow the process above.  Once a volunteer is inactive for one year, we ask them to apply again.

Do you have a Student Scholarship Program?

Yes, we do have a Student Scholarship Program.  Depending on the funds available, we try to give opportunities once or twice a year.  Some of the requirements include; completing the 100-hour commitment and complying in departmental, health and training.  We also expect scholarship students are pursuing a career in medicine.

I have donations for the Student Scholarship Program of Volunteer Services.  How and where do I make a donation?

You may stop by the Volunteer Services office for the envelope and informational sheet.  You may also call Community Relations at (248) 442-7986.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Please feel free to contact the Botsford Hospital's Volunteer Department for any questions or comments at (248) 471-8082.