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Student Shadowing


To assure that all students who visit Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills, while not on a specified rotation, are accounted for and have undergone a baseline screening by the Medical Education Department. There is no informal shadowing, mentoring, or rotations allowed at Beaumont - Farmington Hills. All students not assigned to a rotation at Beaumont - Farmington Hills need to undergo the procedures outlined by this policy in order to spend any time at Beaumont - Farmington Hills.


A. Eligibility
1.  Students who are currently enrolled and are in good standing in an accredited
school of medicine or osteopathy, or a premed undergraduate, or students of
other professional practices enrolled and in good standing in an appropriate,
accredited school of that profession (i.e. nurse practitioner, physician assistant,
psychologists) are eligible to shadow under the supervision of a Beaumont - Farmington Hills Medical Staff physician.

2.   The requesting student must provide proof of active enrollment by their current school.

B. Screening
1.  All students interested in shadowing at Beaumont - Farmington Hills must complete the
‘Shadow Request Form’ (Appendix I). The form must be signed by the
student and by the attending physician they will be shadowing. The form must
be submitted to Medical Education. The form states that the attending
physician is responsible for the student while they are shadowing at Beaumont - Farmington Hills.

2.  A picture ID must accompany the ‘Shadow Request Form’ that is submitted to
Medical Education. A background check will be performed by Medical
Education prior to the shadowing experience.

3.  The ‘Student Nondisclosure Form’ (Appendix II) must be signed and
submitted to Medical Education.
Students may not begin their shadowing until the screening process is complete.

C. Timing
1.  Shadowing experiences are not meant to be formal educational experiences
(i.e. “rotation”, “sub-internship”, etc.) and are meant to be done on weekends
or during a specific month.

D. Responsibilities of Student
1.  A student who is shadowing may not scrub in surgical cases, write on charts
or actively participate in patient care.

2.  All students are required to check in with Medical Education prior to their
experience and obtain a Beaumont - Farmington Hills ID badge. If a shadowing
experience is scheduled for a weekend, the student must check in with Medical Education prior to the scheduled shadowing.

3.  All students must acknowledge that they have had current HIPAA training or
they will be required to view a HIPAA training video prior to the shadowing

4.  All students must provide proof of current immunizations:
Required Vaccine Records:

All requests for a shadowing experience must be approved 2 weeks prior to
the requested shadowing.

Return completed forms (APPENDIX I & APPENDIX II)

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