Mirta Soler

Mirta Soler, M.D.
Pediatrics/Pediatric Infectious Disease

Mirta Soler Portrait

Dr. Soler combines expert medical knowledge with a gentle hand and a concern for the emotional and social needs of children when they become ill. Though her focus is on preventing disease, Dr. Soler provides comprehensive and speedy medical care for children when they do get sick. She is Board Certified in Pediatrics and has experience and training in treating Pediatric Infectious Disease.

Because the health of children as they grow is so important, Dr. Soler provides medical services which focus on their normal growth and development, including physical exams. Dr. Soler is highly regarded by parents because of her commitment to communicating with them about their children.

Dr. Soler's medical education began at the University of Central del Este in the Dominican Republic. She completed a postgraduate residency in Pediatrics at Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital and subspecialty training in Pediatric Infectious Disease at Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Dr. Soler is currently Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Botsford Hospital.