Medical Professionals

Office Hours
For appointments call (248) 477-0100. Our office hours are:

Monday thru Thursday - 8am to 6pm
Friday - 8am to 5pm
Saturday - 9am to noon

Same-day Appointments for Sick Children
Your child will see a pediatrician or nurse practitioner for care. However, it may not be possible to see your child's own pediatrician under these circumstances.

Nurse Line
Questions about your child's symptoms? We welcome parents to contact the triage nurse, who will work with you to resolve your concerns.

Call (248) 477-0100, push #3.

Physician On-call
We have a physician on-call 24 hours each day. For medical problems after regularly office hours, please call the office and the physician on-call will be contacted by our answering service.

Call (248) 477-0100, push #7.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, proceed directly to the Botsford Hospital Emergency Service Department or the closest emergency facility. The emergency room physician will begin treatment and notify your child's pediatrician.