Celebrate World Diabetes Day Nov. 14 at Botsford

celebrate-world-diabetes-day-nov14Thirty years ago, about 30 million people were living with diabetes. Today, this number has multiplied more than ten times to 371 million worldwide. An additional 280 million people are at high risk of developing the disease. Furthermore, by 2030, this number could exceed half a billion people (www.idf.org).

Diabetes: Protect Our Future

In 1991, the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization recognized this startling trend and created World Diabetes Day. Celebrated annually on November 14, this day was chosen to honor the birthday of Frederick Banting who credited along with Charles Best for developing insulin as treatment for diabetes in 1922 (idf.org). Since its inception, the day has grown significantly and is now celebrated in more than 160 countries with its blue circle logo as an inspiring symbol of awareness and prevention. The circle shape was chosen to represent life and health. Its color was chosen to represent the sky, which unifies us all and is used in the United Nations flag. Together the blue circle demonstrates the unity of the international diabetes effort to address the global impact of this disease.

World Diabetes Day 2013 is the last year in the “Diabetes Education and Prevention” campaign from 2009 to 2013. Its messages have aimed to empower people living with diabetes through education and have informed the public of the serious burdens diabetes can have and the ways it can be prevented. The awareness-raising campaign’s main goals are about knowing the warning signs of diabetes to promote early diagnosis and reducing major risk factors, such as:

  • Physical inactivity
  • Smoking
  • Diet

Blue Flash MobThere are many events that take place on World Diabetes Day, including lighting up monuments in blue and flash mobs.  If you’re looking for ways to “Take a Step for Diabetes,” you can visit www.idf.org to learn more about the simple ways you can show your support. It can be as public as being part of a human blue circle or as personal as making changes to your diet and reaching your physical activity goals. All of these contribute to raising awareness and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Special Event at Botsford on Nov. 14 – Join us!

To recognize World Diabetes Day, Botsford Hospital’s Diabetes and Nutrition Services Department is hosting a FREE seminar. Come hear the personal story of an “A1C Champion”! An A1C Champion is one who is successfully controlling his or her diabetes. This person will share personal diabetes stories, provide support, and give practical advice to help motivate you toward reaching your diabetes-related goals.

Thursday, Nov. 14
5:30-6:30 p.m.
Diabetes and Nutrition Services Department
Botsford Professional Center South
28100 Grand River Ave., Suite 301
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(248) 477-6100

Ann O'Neil, MPH, University of Michigan Dietetic InternWritten by:
Ann O’Neil, MPH
University of Michigan Dietetic Intern

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