Botsford Staffers Benefit from Healthy Competition

Dr. Steven Zuckerman

Dr. Zuckerman lost 8.9% body fat during the 10 weeks of the contest. Left: Before, Right: After.

Doctors and staff from Botsford Radiology and Botsford Breast Center take health pretty seriously. So when administrator David Gaffney suggested a friendly health and weight loss competition, they jumped on board.

Their “Smallest Loser” contest worked like this: Whoever loses the greatest percentage of body fat over 10 weeks, wins $100. Each of the 10 participants contributed $10 to the fund. The contest was a big success: The winner, Dr. Steven Zuckerman, lost an impressive 8.9% body fat and the team as a whole lost a total of 66.4 pounds!

The competition’s organizer and chief motivator, Laura Caruso, a mammography coordinator at the Breast Center, says the team’s key to success was simple:  healthful eating and more activity. One of her strategies for healthful eating is her daily strawberry and banana protein shake lunches. She shared her recipe with us here.

The team’s success didn’t come without challenges. The number one challenge faced by many members was eating healthy away from home such as at restaurants or celebrations which usually center on food. Yet the team prevailed, taking away a valuable lesson:  Find a happy medium – go out and have fun but don’t overdo it to the point of gaining weight. Instead, try adding a workout or eating extra healthful the day you know you’ll be indulging.

In the end, the whole team had fun and got a little healthier. They even plan on starting up another round!

Why not start your own health challenge? Just remember, it’s always good to talk to your doctor before you do.

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