Another Successful Cancer Screening Event!

Head and neck cancer screening at Botsford Cancer Center

A woman is screened for head and neck cancers at Botsford Cancer Center

This past Saturday marked another success for the community! Botsford Cancer Center held another free cancer screening, this time screening for head and neck cancers.

Even though spaces were limited, we were able to screen 64 people. Of those, 11 were referred for an immediate consult and 34 were recommended further evaluation. We are optimistic and hopeful that we may have caught cancer early and saved lives.

Most head and neck cancers begin in those head and neck areas lined with moist surfaces such as the nasal cavity, sinus, salivary glands, throat, voice box, or on the lips. Symptoms can include a lump or sore that doesn’t heal, a sore throat that doesn’t go away, difficulty swallowing or a change or hoarseness in the voice.

If you’d like a cancer screening but weren’t able to make it to our cancer screening event, talk to your doctor or contact a Botsford doctor.

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