Springtime lessons from Botsford Cancer Center

Nicholle Mehr, Botsford Cancer Center

Nicholle Mehr, director of Botsford Cancer Center, reflects on the lesson that Spring delivers.

Editor’s note:  Nicholle Mehr is director of Botsford Cancer Center and this is her first post in what we hope will be a series. She’ll reflect on the lessons she learns from running a cancer center; from her patients, staff and doctors or anything else that inspires her.  If there’s something you’d like Nicholle to write about, let us know by sending us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

With the first day of Spring upon us, the anticipation of warmth fills us with hope.   Soon the birds will be chirping and the smell of Spring will be in the air.  I love living in Michigan and experiencing the changing seasons.

As the warm weather comes our way I am reminded of the warmth that hits you as you walk in the doors of our center.   The feeling of warmth and hope is all around us here at the Botsford Cancer Center.   The center radiates joy, quiet strength and the spirit of hope.   The patients, caregivers and health care professionals who inhabit these walls are of the highest caliber of people.  They have the gift of genuine care and concern in their hearts.

Most would find working with cancer patients to be of a sad nature, but working in this field is inspiring.  I admire the strength and attitude of our patients who have such a deep appreciation for life.   It is a blessing to come to work and be surrounded by such amazing people with stories that melt your heart.

The cancer care team is a dream.   They are genuine, quality driven, compassionate, hard-working, intelligent, loving individuals.  I am honored to be able to walk into this center every day where miracles happen, hope is fostered and lives are forever changed.

Have a wonderful Spring and enjoy all of the blessings that life has to offer!

About Nicholle Mehr

Nicholle Mehr, MSA is director of the Botsford Cancer Center. Learn more at http://www.botsford.org/cancer
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