What is a medical home?

What is a medical home?

Rebecca Hilss, a Physician Assistant at one of Botsford’s medical homes, Midwest Internal Medicine Associates, checks up on a patient.

A “medical home,” also called a Patient Centered Medical Home or PCMH, is a medical office or clinic where a team of health professionals work together to provide a new, expanded type of care to the patient. The approach is to provide a blend of personalized and comprehensive treatment across all points of care.

What are the benefits of a Patient Centered Medical Home? 

Medical homes are increasing in popularity because they are believed to have many benefits, including:

  • Coordinated, long term care through a personal physician and integrated team
  • Increased quality of care and improved health and safety
  • Whole person orientation
  • Few or no barriers to access
  • Primary care for children, youth and adults
  • Customized care according to the patient’s needs and values
  • Continuous healing relationship

What do I need to do?

When you first start receiving care at a Patient Centered Medical Home you will be asked to become a partner in your own care. You will work with your doctor, nurses, health educators, nutritional specialist, physical therapist and others. Your care plan will be developed around you and your healthcare needs. Since you are involved in the development of your health goals, you will be expected to commit to meeting those goals and keeping up your good health.

Where do I find a Patient Centered Medical Home?

Botsford Hospital has five clinics that are functioning as a Patient Centered Medical Home.  Each is accepting new patients and focuses on the Patient Centered Medical Home concepts and practices.

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