6 Simple Substitutions for Healthy Tailgating

by Botsford Hospital dietitians Annie House RD, CDE and Gina DeAngelis, RD

TailgatingFall is here and football season is upon us!  Gina and I are both huge fans but our alliances run different directions.  She’s a die hard maize and blue fan and I bleed green!  Now that the games and rivalries have ensued we, like many of you, are ready to do some serious tailgating.

The food you serve at your next tailgating party doesn’t have to be bad for you in order to win over your crowd.  There are many healthy substitutes that are just as delicious so, don’t keep healthy foods on the side-lines! Here are some ideas to make them the highlight of the game.

Instead of: Try:
Burgers and Hotdogs Turkey burgers
Potato chips and dip Baked tortilla chips and salsa
Submarine sandwich Ham or Turkey sandwiches with lettuce and tomato in whole wheat wraps
Chili with ground beef White chicken chili or turkey chili
Potato salad or coleslaw Fresh fruit and veggie tray
Nachos with queso cheese dip Pitas with hummus or black bean dip

Consider trying this healthy recipe for Roasted Veggie Chili at your next tailgating party. It’s sure to be a winner for everyone…no matter which team they’re rooting for!

Want more healthy eating tips? Come to our next “Saturday Sizzler” discussion where we’ll talk about dining out with diabetes or visit Botsford’s diabetes and nutrition website for more resources.

Wishing you a day filled with healthy decisions!

Annie House, RD, CDE and Gina DeAngelis, RD
Botsford Diabetes and Nutrition Services

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