Grand River Construction to Briefly Block Main Drive

If you’ve driven by the hospital lately, you’re all too aware of the road construction that’s been going on.  Aside from the usual construction-related delays, this hasn’t really affected the hospital or our visitors too much…until next week.

For about 20 minutes one day next week, our main entrance will be blocked.  So if you have plans to visit us during that time period, expect to be guided to another entrance, as Botsford administrator Bill Scheuber explains below:

As has been anticipated all summer, we are approaching the time when the hospital main drive will be blocked to complete the road construction on Grand River in front of the hospital.  In consultation with us, MDOT has agreed that at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (August 30 or 31), the main drive will be closed to lay asphalt in the outer lane.  They expect this work to last 20 minutes, after which time the entrance will be reopened and the asphalt will be able to be driven on.  As long as the entrance is closed, access to the hospital will be through the Cancer Center entrance on the drive behind the Cancer Center. Exit from the hospital will be through the emergency entrance on Oxford Avenue, which will be right turn only because entrance from Oxford to Grand River will be closed at the same time.  There will be security and maintenance staff located at these locations, as well as the cross road to the main drive, to help direct traffic.

The above is subject to change depending on weather and MDOT work schedule.  If there are any changes, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you.

William F. Scheuber, FACHE
Administrator, Professional and Support Services
Botsford Hospital

Since we’ll have plenty of friendly security personnel on hand to assist drivers, we don’t anticipate too much of an inconvenience or any delays in getting to our emergency room.  However, we do apologize in advance for the disruption.  Hopefully the much needed MDOT construction will result in a nicer, safer Grand River Avenue!

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UPDATE:  MDOT just informed us that this work will take place Tuesday morning 8/30 (starting at 8am)

Map of the Botsford Hospital campus. The Cancer Center entrance is at the lower left hand corner, and the Oxford emergency entrance is at the upper edge near the center.

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