Students Spend Summer Break Making a Difference

Teresa Rotondo

Student volunteer, Teresa Rotondo, prepares a bed in Botsford Hospital's Emergency Room.

While many high school and college students prefer to spend their summers hitting the beach, some prefer to make a difference instead.

Botsford Hospital is fortunate to have several high school students who prefer to make a difference by volunteering their summer to help our patients.  And they’re not just pushing paper or making copies.  They perform a multitude of tasks that actually help patients have a more pleasant experience — from greeting anxious visitors to offering a warm blanket to tidying up family areas.

Teresa Rotondo of Plymouth is one such student.  A Mercy High School class of 2011 graduate, Teresa spends one day a week volunteering in the emergency room of Botsford Hospital.  There, she makes sure supplies are well stocked, beds are prepared and patients and visitors are comfortable — bringing warm blankets, cool beverages or a friendly smile whenever they’re needed.

Anna Sak

Anna, a student who volunteers her time in Botsford's surgery department, poses in front of an anesthesia machine.

Another student, Anna Sak of Warren, spends much of her time studying biology and physics at Oakland University, but still makes time to volunteer in Botsford’s surgical unit.  There she’s been able to support the anesthesia and surgical team in many ways, but she say’s her biggest assist is with the patients.  “One time, I was able to hold the hand of a little boy on his way to surgery.  Being able to comfort him really meant a lot to me,” Anna says.  Nurses told the boy to focus on Anna’s smile so he wouldn’t be so scared.

Not only do our student volunteers help make our patients and visitors a little more comfortable, but they also help our nurses stay focused on patient care.  However, Botsford’s patients aren’t the only ones benefiting. Student volunteers get real work experience that help them get into college programs, better understand their coursework or even land a job.

Teresa explains, “I am blessed to volunteer at Botsford, because of it, I am becoming a more well-rounded person and already learning the ways of a hospital before I enter nursing school in a few weeks.”  Anna says she’s even learned about the different uses of various surgical tools as well as how to measure blood pressure.  “But,” she says, “volunteering at Botsford has made me realize something important…taking care of people and working at the hospital is definitely what I want to do as a career.”

If you or someone you know would like to make a difference at Botsford, learn more about becoming a volunteer.  We have opportunities for people of all ages!

Anna poses among a supply of surgical equipment which she helps make sure is fully stocked and organized

Teresa, as she stocks supplies in the emergency room

Thank you Teresa, Anna and all our other volunteers for your hard work!  You help make Botsford great.





Has a hospital volunteer ever touched your life?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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