All our patients are VIPs: Now we can make it official!

Last week we relaunched our VIP (Very Important Patient) campaign to give back to our patients. To help get the word out, the hospital has been overrun by life-sized cardboard cutouts of doctors, the CEO and other staffers. If you see one, snap a photo of yourself with it and post it on our Facebook page!

Dr. Pastor

A life-size cardboard cutout of Dr. Pastor, a general surgeon at Botsford Hospital.

So in case you were wondering, here’s what the VIP program is all about:

  • We love our patients and think they’re ALL VIPS!  So we thought of a way to make it official and give them something special to show our love.
  • Anybody (except employees…sorry) can request a VIP card (either online, by asking a staff member or by visiting the hospital’s front desk).
  • Once you register your VIP card, you get several benefits including discounts, free valet parking,  physician appointments within 24 hours, among others. See the full list of benefits here.

So far, the program has received a warm reception with many people quickly signing up to be VIPs.  The only drawback has been a few startled employees finding our “CEO” silently lurking in an unsuspecting place.  Learn more about the program or become a Botsford VIP.


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