Open MRI Coming Soon

Partially Open, Fixed MRI Unit

An artist's rendering of the building that will house a new, fixed-MRI

This year, our MRI (magnetic resonance
imaging) capabilities will improve significantly. Construction is making way for a permanent MRI unit that will
bring a new era of imaging technology to Botsford.

The machine—the Magnetom Aera—offers easier exams and more
comfort for patients. The roominess of its design will accommodate a
large variety of body sizes, shapes and conditions. And, the super-short
magnet allows many studies to be completed with the patient’s head outside the
machine.  The roominess and ability to scan with the head outside of the machine is why it is called an “open MRI.”

Claustrophobic patients will appreciate its spacious, ultra-short design,
but all patients will enjoy the extra room. The design also:

  • Leads to sharper images since less anxious patients move around less
  • Means fewer patients requiring sedation just to get through an MRI
  • Covers the full patient range, including obese, critically ill, trauma and pediatric
  • Reduces patient fear and anxiety

Watch the construction process on our Facebook Fan Page. We’ll post photos as the building addition goes up.


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