Pancakes at Botsford Cancer Center

Botsford Registered Dietitian Denise Cykiert

Denise making delicious pancakes for patients and guests

A few days ago, if you were to walk into our Cancer Center you’d be greeted by the sweet aroma of pancakes.  That’s because our nutritionist, Denise Cykiert treated patients to a cooking demonstration on high calorie/high protein cooking — complete with giant stacks of Apple Cinnamon Ensure pancakes for everyone.

The demonstration was to help people undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment for cancer learn how to cook in a way that will help maintain their weight.  It is difficult for them to keep weight on during this difficult treatment and rapid weight loss can negatively affect their road to recovery.

Denise recommends substituting a protein building product such as Ensure instead of adding water or milk to your pancake mix.  This provides the body with plenty of calories and protein to help bodies heal and recover from the damage that has been done from treatment.

Our guests loved the demonstration and raved about the pancakes!  As always, talk to your doctor about your specific nutrition needs to find out what is best for you as you undergo cancer treatment.

Do you have any high calorie cooking tips you’d like to share? Share with our readers in the comments below.

Get Denise’s recipe for Apple Cinnamon-Buttermilk Pancakes with Ensure.

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