Botsford Hospital recognized for social media

    Botsford Hospital won an eHealthcare Leadership award for its use of social media

Botsford Hospital won an eHealthcare Leadership award for its use of social media

A couple weeks ago, Botsford Hospital was honored to hear the news that all our blogging, tweeting, Facebook-ing and Pinning have been appreciated.  We received an eHealthcare Leadership Award in the Best Social Networking category.

It’s good news indeed, because we don’t use social media just for fun.  Our goal is to get to know the people in our community and to share important information to help keep them healthy.

Some 240 healthcare organizations, representing a broad industry spectrum, received recognition for their outstanding websites and digital communications at a special presentation in Las Vegas on November 14 during the Sixteenth Annual Healthcare Internet Conference.  Winners of the 2012 eHealthcare Leadership Awards were selected from nearly 1,100 entries.  A total of 115 individuals familiar with healthcare and the Internet judged the entries.

Judges looked at how websites and other digital communications compared with others in their organization’s classification.  They also reviewed entries based on a proprietary multi-point standard of Internet excellence.  The best overall Internet site category, for example, had to pass muster on more than 40 factors.

We hope you’ll check out what we’re doing and get social with us!



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