Office Hours

Office Hours
Our office hours, when you can schedule an appointment or talk to a staff member, are as follows:

Monday - 8am to 5pm
Tuesday - 8am to 5pm
Wednesday - 8am to 12pm
Thursday - 8am to 5pm
Friday - 8am to 12pm
Two Saturdays - 9am to 12pm

If you need a same-day appointment, our receptionist will gladly accommodate your request as effectively as possible.

If you have a medical concern after hours which is not an emergency, Dr. Rosenbaum is on call through our main office number. Call our main telephone number and follow the instructions for the answering service.

We request that if you cancel or postpone your appointment, please call the office 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

In case of a life-threatening emergency, proceed directly to the Botsford Hospital Emergency Department, or the closest emergency facility, or dial 911. The emergency room physician will begin treatment and notify your physician.

Urgent Care
If you or a family member need urgent care services, we direct you to the Botsford Midwest Urgent Care center, at 15540 Beech Daly Road between Five and Six Mile Roads. That telephone number is (313) 592-6330.