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Employees Donate to Emergency Assistance Fund for Botsford Hospital Coworkers

Farmington Hills, Mich. (April 22, 2009)---These are tough economic times all over metropolitan Detroit. At Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, employees have responded with increasing contributions to the organization’s emergency assistance fund for employees, which are up more than 11 percent compared to the previous year. Their recent charitable donations put more than $16,000 into this fund. 
Health care workers are self-reliant and strong in order to take care of their patients. But, they can be vulnerable, just like everyone else, to having their own emergencies. This financial safety net, called The Cookie Jar, is completely funded by Botsford employees concerned about their coworkers’ welfare. Most donations come from unused earned vacation time. 
Qualifying emergencies that an employee might have could include a catastrophic life event, a long-standing disability resulting in decreased income, a flood or fire, an emergent change in living conditions, or a prolonged medical condition causing a severe reduction of the family’s income. 
The 45 employees listed below recently donated unused earned vacation time to The Cookie Jar, proving that the people at Botsford Hospital really do live their employer’s tagline: “Smaller size. Big results.” 
Dr. Michael Abrash, Sonja Amos, Denise Boldea, Brenda Boris-Blaze, Janice Brown, Claudia Bruce, Rosetta Caldwell, Terry Cheresko, Thomas Deronne, Leslie Dumancas, Nancy (Dumas) O’Neill, Jacqueline Dunigan, Joyce Finner, Connie Fleming, Maureen Galster, Deborah Gibson, Margo Gorchow, Marge Hasler, Mischon Hicks, Neshie Holt, Mary Houghton, Jeanette Jackson, Maureen Kuznicki, Kathleen Leach, Beverly Liberty, Regina Marshall, Terri Marshall, Mary Jo McKenzie, Lillie McQuitty, Janet Moody, Timothy Morris, Dianne Orr, Gail Przytulski, Diane Saincome, Helen Salamon, Lourdes Santiago, James Smith, Monica Spicer, Deb Stanford, Lu Stockton, Rev. Kurt Stutz, Regina Fortson, Tracy Snyder, Cheryl Thomas and Connie Williams.

Botsford Hospital is a multi-specialty 330 bed hospital and verified trauma center located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The campus also houses an imaging center and a comprehensive care cancer center. Botsford Hospital is also home to an extensive medical education program and is part of Michigan State University's statewide campus system. Botsford Hospital each year cares for approximately 16,000 inpatients and more than 60,000 emergency and trauma patients with a team of 2,500 employees, 300 volunteers and more than 600 physicians. A not-for-profit hospital, Botsford provided almost $10.5 million in community benefit during its 2011 fiscal year.,,,

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