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Botsford News Release


Nutritionist Helps Botsford Cancer Center Patients During Treatment

Farmington Hills, Mich. (April 13, 2009)---Nutrition counseling is a new service offered at Botsford Hospital’s new cancer center that opened in January. All cancer center patients have the opportunity to meet with Annie House, a registered dietitian, who helps with nutrition needs including managing side effects of treatment and better eating habits during treatment. 
House has been at Botsford Hospital for almost a year and a half, serving as a registered dietitian and diabetes educator with Botsford’s clinic system. House is excited about her expanded role at the cancer center. “The patients at the cancer center will not only be able to see their physician on a regular basis, but they also have the ability to receive help from experts in other areas including nutrition and social work. We all work together allowing us to help patients focus on their whole well-being including mind, body and spirit.” 
House says, “During cancer treatment the body is under stress and adding calories to the diet can be important in order to get all the nutrients needed.” Sore mouth, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and an altered sense of taste are possible side effects that may occur during treatment. House can work with patients to enhance the treatment process, improve patients’ desires to eat or even the ability to keep foods down. If a patient is losing weight, House may recommend a high protein and high calorie diet. With nausea or vomiting, she may suggest small and frequent meals at times when a person feels best. 
House says, “Keeping with the basics of nutrition is important. Eating less processed foods and more whole grains, fruit and vegetables is normally best. Depending on the type of cancer a person has, people may need to stay away from dairy products or other foods that may upset the stomach. By looking at the best food choices and considering side effects I can help people get through their treatment a little easier.”  

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