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Independent 99-Year-Old Exercising to Shed Oxygen Tank

Farmington Hills, Mich. (August 30, 2010)---Media Alert: Anna Theiring is ready to give an interview to a journalist interested in her story. We can work with you to meet Mrs. Theiring at Valley Hill Therapy Center in Redford. If interested, please contact Beth Montalvo in the Community Relations Department at Botsford Hospital. Valley Hill is a service of Botsford Hospital. 
Phone: 248-442-7986 
Farmington resident Anna Theiring just turned 99. Her grandchild is getting married next week. A large wedding is planned, and her goal is to be able to attend without her oxygen tank. Theiring has already made significant progress toward this goal through hour-long sessions at the Valley Hill Therapy Center in Redford. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she arrives ready to work out on a recumbent exercise bicycle. She’s even graduated to walking on a treadmill. She does this aerobic training safely with an oxygen hose connected to her. 
This aerobic conditioning is done under complete supervision by Cindy Bailo, Theiring’s licensed respiratory therapist at Valley Hill. Bailo plans her patient’s exercise. She also tracks Theiring’s oxygen level as each session begins and ends. 
“Anna’s very motivated, intelligent and independent. She’s doing a great job building volume and capacity in her lungs and strengthening her muscles and heart, says Bailo. “The example she sets shows that a person is never too old to benefit from exercise.” 
Theiring owns an exercise bicycle that she rode regularly before the onset of a heart arrhythmia that made her short of breath and decreased her oxygen level. Through her pulmonary rehab program, her heart is beating regularly now. Theiring’s gains include reducing shortness of breath, increasing exercise tolerance and improving the overall quality of her life.

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MEDIA CONTACT: Lynn C. Anderson, Director, Marketing & Public Relations or Beth Montalvo, Publications & Media Relations Coordinator

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