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Media Policy

Media Inquiries

All media inquiries should be made to the Public Relations Department at (248) 442-7986. Staff members will be happy to schedule interviews, identify experts, obtain patient condition or status updates and provide other information you may need within your deadlines. We are always happy to discuss story angles and photo opportunities.

Patient Information

Our first responsibility is the health and welfare of our patients and their families. Federal and state laws, most notably the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), mandate our legal responsibility to preserve patient confidentiality.

HIPAA restricts the patient information we may release to the public, including the news media. News media representatives who call with a patient's name to request a patient's condition may receive a one-word condition report for patients who are listed in the hospital directory. Patients may choose not to be listed in the directory, in which case no information will be released.

We will not release information, including condition, for cases involving chemical dependency or psychiatric treatment.


We are happy to arrange interviews with physicians and staff members who are experts in a variety of medical, health, business and social issues. If you need help in identifying the appropriate spokesperson for your article, Public Relations will suggest an expert on your topic based on availability and previous media experience.

Access to Hospital Facilities

Media representatives must contact the Public Relations Department prior to visiting patients or staff for interviews or photos. The Public Relations staff will coordinate media interviews with the interview subject and with our Security Department.

Media representatives must be escorted by a Beaumont Hospital employee at all times while within our facilities. During an interview, the Public Relations representative will obtain written permission for photographs or interviews from the patient or, if necessary, from the parent or legal guardian.

Public Emergencies

In a public emergency or disaster situation such as a major accident, hazardous waste spill, or loss of a critical utility, we will activate an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate disaster management efforts within the hospital, with other community agencies and, when necessary, with Michigan Region 2 North Emergency Management officials. The Public Relations Department will be the source for Beaumont Hospital-Farmington Hills related information during an emergency.