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TV Spots

Bring it to Botsford

Baby Cameron Heart Attack  
Trauma Center  
Steve Ruth  
New Trauma Center Ad  

Current Radio Spots - Physicians

Dr. Michael Biederman

Dr. Michael Biederman:
Excuses for putting off a colonoscopy.

(60 sec., 1mb)

Dr. Ron Kuzdak

Dr. Ron Kuzdak:
Why family physicians are important.

(60 sec., 1mb)

Dr. Annette Carron

Dr. Annette Carron:
How are seniors cared for in the Botsford Trauma Center?

(60 sec., 1mb)

Dr. Jacklyn McParlane

Dr. Jacklyn McParlane:
What does the Botsford Hospital Trauma Center Designation mean?

(60 sec., 1mb)

Dr. Matthew Farrugia

Dr. Matthew Farrugia:
What is balloon sinuplasty?

(60 sec., 1mb)

Dr. Raimundo Pastor

Dr. Raimundo Pastor:
What is it like to be a trauma surgeon?

(60 sec., 1mb)

Dr. Susan Knoll

Dr. Susan Knoll:
What is an infectious disease specialist?

(60 sec., 1mb)

Dr. Sanford Vieder

Dr. Sanford Vieder:
How Botsford Trauma Center is important to the community.

(60 sec., 1mb)

Radio Spots

Bring it to Botsford

Heart Attack - Jan. 2014 (64 seconds, 751kb)

New Trauma Center - Jun. 2010 (64 seconds, 1.1mb)

New Trauma Center (Accident) - Jun. 2010 (64 seconds, 1.2mb)

New Trauma Center (Ladder) - Jun. 2010 (62 seconds, 975kb)

Radio Spot 1 - Jan. 2010 (60 seconds, 1.6mb)

Radio Spot 2 - Jan. 2010 (60 seconds, 1.7mb)

Radio Spot 1 - Jan. 2007 (60 seconds, 1mb)

Radio Spot 2 - Jan. 2007 (60 seconds, 1mb)

TV Feature - Dr. Paws Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs

Taped on location at Botsford Hospital, 3 South Rehabilitation Unit. As seen on Focus on Seniors, City Cable 15, City of Southfield, April 2008.