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Botsford News Release

Botsford Commons Senior Community Support Troops in Iraq

Farmington Hills, MI (May 1, 2008)--- Men and women who experienced WWII remember it as a good war with intense support from home.  Veterans of this era now living at the Botsford Commons Senior Community in Farmington Hills want to make sure those who are serving in Iraq receive the same support.

Veterans from WWII, who remember how it felt to get “care packages” when they were in service, want to do something now for our troops.  Along with other residents, staff and families from the Botsford Commons, they are working towards sending care packages to the GIs in Iraq.  They have adopted a troop through a staff member’s son who has a friend that is currently serving in Iraq.

Barbara Smith, Recreation Program Coordinator at the Botsford Commons, says, “We were unaware that the GIs really need some items that we at home take for granted.  Some of those items are shaving materials, disposable face and hand wipes, cards, pens and paper, CDs, can insulators to keep their drinks cool, chewing gum, powered individual cool-aid mixes, and small stuffed animals to distribute among the children they meet while on patrol.”  Members of the community can help the GIs by donating cash or check to the Men’s Group at the Botsford Commons.  The Men’s Group will buy items for the troops to be distributed throughout the war zone.  All donations are needed by May 9 for the first mailing of care packages.  The Botsford Commons will continue to send items throughout the year; so continuous donations will be accepted and appreciated.

To support this effort, please make check payable to The Boys of Botsford and send them to The Boys of Botsford, 21268 Sycamore Ct., Farmington Hills, MI 48336.  For questions, please contact Barbara Smith at (248) 426-6943.

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