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Botsford News Release

Botsford Doctors Give Big Results with Breast Cancer Treatment

Farmington Hills, MI (October 2, 2007)--- For all women, the diagnosis of breast cancer can be daunting. Even when a woman finds out the cancer is still in the early stage, the idea of months and months of potentially dangerous treatments can be scary. Women may be pleased to know that a less invasive and time-consuming trend in breast cancer treatment is now being offered by three Botsford physicians.

Robert Boorstein, D.O., Michael Rebock, D.O., and James Fontanesi, M.D., are offering the MammoSite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy, a form of partial breast irradiation, which allows many patients with early-stage breast cancer who are candidates for a lumpectomy (surgical removal of a breast tumor) to receive a full course of targeted radiation in just five days. Dr. Boorstein says, "This therapy is a remarkable advance with short treatment time, radiation that is targeted to the area where tumors are most likely to recur and minimal exposure to healthy tissue."

Drs. Boorstein, Rebock and Fontanesi have treated 10 women with Mammosite this year. If you would like to learn more about this treatment, please contact Botsford's HealthMatch at (877) 442-7900.

Botsford Hospital, an independent 330-bed community hospital in Farmington Hills, Mich., was founded in 1965. Nationally recognized for quality, safety and medical education programs, Botsford has received the 2006 Governor's Award for Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care in the Hospital Setting, and, in 2007, a three-year recertification as a Chest Pain Center from the Society of Chest Pain Centers. Botsford's Web address is

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