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Botsford News Release

Two Botsford Doctors Work Together on New Surgery

Farmington Hills, MI (June 26, 2007)--- June is National Vision Research Month, and although many eye diseases have no cures, two Botsford doctors have been helping patients with their vision. For the past two years, David Seel, D.O., and Shoib Myint, D.O., have been working together to help Graves’ disease patients with exopthalmous, or protrusion of the eyes, improve their vision and cosmetic appeal. Graves’ disease, the most common form of hyperthyroidism, occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid gland and causes it to overproduce the hormone called thyroxine. This abnormal immune response can also affect the tissue behind your eyes.

Usually exopthalmous is managed surgically through an external decompression where a bone between the eye socket and sinuses is removed to allow more space for the swollen tissue, however Dr. Seel and Dr. Myint have combined two procedures that allow them to go through the nose as well as under the surface of the eye. Through these combined procedures, they are able to improve eye functionality and cosmetic appeal with better results and fewer complications.

Since 2005, they have performed 36 procedures and have nine more scheduled for the summer. Dr. Seel and Dr. Myint are the only ones in the metro Detroit area performing this surgery, which is available only at Botsford Hospital. Botsford has had patients from all over the state and country to have this procedure done. Currently, Dr. Seel and Dr. Myint along with John Lara, D.O., Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery resident, are working on a research project to show the effectiveness of the surgery.

If you suffer from this condition and would like to learn more, please contact Botsford’s HealthMatch at (877) 442-7900.

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