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Botsford News Release

New Initiatives Provide Quick Response to Botsford Patient Needs

Farmington Hills, Mich., March 13, 2007 -- Following on the success of the “At Your Request” room service program for patient meals, Botsford Hospital has introduced a new “Housekeeping Upon Request” program that brings cleaning service or fresh linen to patients following a quick phone call.

With the introduction of the room service program about six years ago, some of the problems long-associated with hospital meals disappeared. Patients or their family members order meals by phone from a menu with their food choices delivered in about 30 minutes. Since patients can order meals when they wish, they are no longer confronted with cold meals after returning from tests or sleeping through meal delivery. A wider range of choices also improves patient satisfaction as does the opportunity to eat at odd hours or request a bedtime snack. Further, the phone calls to order room service present an opportunity for dietitians to provide gentle coaching on food choices for patients on special diets.

“I think that patients feel empowered by the ease with which they are able to express their personal wishes and then have their request met. It explains the consistently high marks given to food service on our patient satisfaction surveys,” said Pat Tigue who directs Food and Environmental Services at Botsford. He expressed hopes that the ”Housekeeping Upon Request” program would have the same positive outcome. “A simple phone call will provide a solution for spills, wet shower floors and the like. The program offers a quick response to patients outside the regularly scheduled daily cleaning routines.

“Housekeeping Upon Request” is only one of a series of initiatives introduced by Botsford’s Environmental Services staff to improve service to patients. Newly admitted patients also receive a gift bag that includes some of the personal items that patients need while hospitalized including a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, tissue and hand lotion. “We are soliciting patient feedback on this,” said Tigue. “One suggestion was a pencil and small pad of paper. We will look at making these adjustments.” He noted that hospital housekeepers will soon have business cards to give to patients or visitors. “This will help housekeepers interact with patients and encourage them to make the special cleaning requests. They can also ask for additional personal care items if they are needed.”

The environmental services initiatives reflect Botsford’s hospital-wide emphasis on programs that improve the hospital experience for patients and visitors. Treating patients like guests by adding amenities is part of this philosophy. A host of customer service programs ranging from staff training in telephone techniques to improved patient access to parking have been implemented. As a result of programs for patients in the Emergency Department, that department is now ranked among the top 10 percent of hospitals in the country.

Botsford Hospital, an independent, acute care, 330-bed community hospital in Farmington Hills, Mich., was founded in 1965. Nationally recognized for quality, safety and medical education programs, Botsford has received the 2005 Solucient 100 Top Hospitals: Performance Improvement Leaders award and the 2005 Governor’s Award of Excellence for Improving Care in the Hospital and Emergency Department Settings. Botsford’s Web address is

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